About Us

VIKING MATCHMAKER is a brand new service for Odinists and other traditional European Heathens who wish to find suitable mates. Our aim is to provide you with the best choices we possibly can and to help our folk have happy marriages and families.

TRIBAL DATING We are not a standard dating agency in that we are an Odinist religious organization primarily, rather than a business, so we ask for your help as a member of our tribe. We have limited time and funds and really are just doing this because we know our folk need help in this regard. The modern world seems to offer numerous dating options for dating non-Europeans, but very few indeed for European ancestry folk who wish to marry someone of our own race.

EUROPEAN FOLK RECRUITING  This is a tribal effort and we need to work together. Please think of a few friends who may want to find a mate… friends you admire… who have some good qualities to offer, and who are pro European. Let them know about our site, and encourage them to register.

DONATIONS If you have funds, even a small donation would help us with our costs for providing this service and we would appreciate it greatly. We shall charge a small fee just to keep out trolls at some point, but we intend to do our best to keep this service virtually free if we possibly are able to. The quality of a person does not depend on his or her bank account, and we strongly desire to include all our folk. We ask that if you do make a successful match that you consider giving us a donation on the occasion of your wedding. Please send us a photo!

ODINIA INTERNATIONAL  is an international Odinist organization with its headquarters in Hawai`i and various branches on the mainland and in Europe. We would be delighted to officiate at your wedding if we have any clergy in your area. We also are very happy to provide a pre- wedding counseling session online or by telephone free of charge.

ODINIST MARRIAGE In the interests of having a successful marriage and a happy family, we always recommend Odinist marriage over interfaith marriages. In cases where one partner is not of our native religion, we hope that this partner will consider converting to the religion of our ancestors and we are here to help you do just that. We heartily recommend Odinism over Christian or other anti-European, anti-Identity universalist belief systems, which can prove to be so damaging to individuals, families, children, and our race as a whole. We are glad to help in giving further information about Odinism and we can arrange to profess a potential spouse who has not discovered his or her native religion yet. We provide coming of age rituals for young Odinists as well.

We love our folk and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us about what other features you would like to see here.