dfe8901322820f1f51d23f5029b6d747Are you a White European couple who has not been able to have a child but would like to? Are you a young, middle aged, or more than middle aged single person of high intellect and good health and character who wants to really make a difference for your race? We seek to find people to help worthy couples who cannot conceive have White babies with known European heritage donor egg or sperm.


The reason we are trying to make this open is because often the standard of donations available is questionable. We are not looking for the most fertile people, but those with the best genetics. If this is you, please consider helping a childless couple. Please consider what 20 minutes of your time could do for a would-be family and register today. We are hoping to be able to get European folk who need this service and are willing to provide it together to create a few miracles. Couples needing fertility help, and sperm or egg donors or potential surrogate mothers willing to help, please contact us at odinia@outlook.com


We are doing this as a tribal family, not a business, although of course, we would appreciate donations towards what we do so as to be able to keep our websites up, reach more people, and do more.